12PM: True and False Circadian Lighting

12PM: True and False Circadian Lighting


A Frank Conversation About What’s Real & What’s Just a Marketing Hype
Andrew Moore-Ede, President of CIRCADIAN®

Many lighting products are incorrectly or loosely labelled “circadian.” This is because the word “circadian” has recently entered the lighting industry vernacular often with limited understanding of its precise meaning. This can create confusion for architects, lighting designers and specifiers. So, what is circadian lighting and why should you even care?

In this candid conversation, we will discuss the confusion about circadian metrics, what research shows on the circadian spectral characteristics of light, and case studies of circadian lighting installed in some of the largest companies in the world.

Furthermore, this lecture will show architects and specifiers how to assess a light source using spectrophotometers and other tools to distinguish between “true“; i.e., effective and “false“; i.e., ineffective, circadian lighting products. It will also share tips for selecting spectrally engineered light which balances illumination metrics with circadian and human productivity metrics to ensure an evidence-based solution for lighting that optimizes human alertness, mood, productivity and health.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand the consequences of circadian disruption and learn the performance, well-being and health benefits of lights that are spectrally engineered to synchronize circadian rhythms.
    2. Understand the correct definition of “circadian” lighting based on up-to-date medical research.
    3. Learn how to evaluate how well a light entrains circadian rhythms and how to incorporate circadian lighting into the built environment.

Approved for 1 IES CEU and 1 AIA HSW LU

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Bio: Andrew Moore-Ede, Director of Client Services CIRCADIAN®

For over 15 years, Andrew Moore-Ede has been leading consulting and research projects for CIRCADIAN®, the global leader in providing 24/7 workforce solutions for businesses that operate around the clock. Andrew has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to help optimize the health, safety and productivity of their most vital asset – their 24/7 workforce. This has included research projects, conducting risk assessments, developing shiftwork health & safety training programs, identifying the optimal shiftwork schedule and implementing corporate fatigue risk management programs.

How did Andrew become interested in light? When numerous research reports and health organizations concluded that light exposure at night was disrupting circadian rhythms and negatively impacting human health and well-being, Andrew’s clients asked a simple question: What lights should we be using to prevent circadian disruption? This led to an NIH grant to define the circadian spectral characteristics of light, published research and ultimately to patenting, developing and testing proprietary lighting technologies to minimize the impact of circadian disruption for our 24/7 world.